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A new solution for dairy ESL (extended shelf-life) products

AlphaMAC is proud to announce the successful validation of its patented system for the production of dairy bottles with sealed calibrated neck, becoming the first solution on the market which warranty 21 days milk extended shelf life in the cold chain without any application of an aluminium foil, simply using a standard cap with internal sealing ring.

The design of this innovative solution was created for Alphamac EBM machines, but can also be adopted by other types of extrusion blow-moulding machines.

The new system patented by Alphamac allows milk producers to use their own filling line with bottles of any shape, thus eliminating any internal cleaning process, a problematic operation especially on bottles with handles. It also guarantees the absence of chemical residual that could affect the taste of the final product, giving the market more authentic flavour and quality than ever. Another aspect that is positively perceived is the possibility for end users to store the bottle in the refrigerator in the horizontal position without any leakage problems.

The solution is already successfully applied in industrial production: AlphaMAC team is available for technical audits in order to assess the applicability of the process on any line.