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In just over 2 years, AlphaMAC has been very active, achieving a number of important goals.
Since the presentation of the company and of an Alpha SEICENTO shuttle at the Dusseldorf fair in October 2019, 20 machines have been sold in 9 different countries in less than two years and 6 different machine models have been designed.

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4,000 m2 test and inspection facility

in addition to the commercial and administrative offices located in Via Nobel 20, we also have a single shuttle, single cavity, mono-layer laboratory machine for testing purposes of our Clients.

Fast and local assistance

Our AlphaMAC in Russia and EtaMAC in the UAE are our regional offices with the intent to better serve our clients in the area, thanks to the presence of dedicated technicians facilitating quick assistance and reduced downtime.

New markets and upcoming openings

The goal is to open another regional office in the United States with technical assistance at the beginning of 2022.

AlphaMAC's territorial strategy remains focused on Europe, Middle East, Australia, South Africa, the United States and Canada.

Territorial presence.

AlphaMAC has machines in production in the following countries: