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The construction quality of our machines is very high, with the best materials and components, latest generation technologies, innovative solutions for the highest process automation, ensuring stability and high-quality control.

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Extrusion head

Torpedo powered by the centre, parison thickness control by electric actuator with absolute encoder (400 points, 12.5 tons) and mechanical movement by screw and linear motor. We supply our extrusion head up to 3 layers. For 4 and 6 layers heads we only use W. Müller heads.


From diameter 40 mm to 120 mm (AC), all with 26 L / D and barrier screw, smooth cylinder, possibility of automatic adjustment of the extruder rpm based on the length of the parison by means of an infrared control photocell.

Blowing system

Proportional air, brushless motor with absolute encoder connected to a ball bearing screw with 15 kN, 20 kN and 30 kN force. Position parameters that can be set from the control panel, separate air circuits for blowing and pneumatic movements. Available for blowing containers with inclined necks in the ZERO versions.


Nitrided pins and brass lever bushes, treated with graphite, without the need for lubrication. Self-lubricated upper and lower lever. Movement via connecting rod-crank system and AC brushless motor with absolute encoder and digital control. High precision reducer with compensation of mechanical backlashes, steel levers discharged from solid, no welding, aluminium mould plates, light, resistant, machined from a solid block.

Closing systems

Connecting rod-crank system operated by a brushless AC motor with absolute encoder and digital control, mechanical backlash adjustment, high precision zero backlash reducer. Zero electricity in closed position, low consumption, long life of the motion system. Available with a clamping force up to 50 tons in the larger version machines.