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Alphamac Russia offers consultancy and supplies of machinery and equipment related to “fluid product packaging”. In the medical field, Alphamac Russia has recently contributed to the delivery by Roselectronika of the first batch of Eppendorf microtubes for laboratories, of which 430 thousand pieces will soon be delivered to Russian medical centres and laboratories.

Alphamac Russia has designed these particular containers and developed the injection moulds for their realization. The study required high skills in the design phase and in-depth evaluation of the stress situations to which microtubes are subjected during their use.

Eppendorf 1.5 ml microtubes are one of the most popular consumer products for laboratory research. They are conical-shaped test tubes with a marking scale and a snap on lid, used for storage, freezing, transport and during laboratory tests, on samples of materials and biological liquids.

The products have been manufactured at Roselectronika manufacturing plant in Rybinsk (RZP) since June of this year.

The tests conducted by the Independent Diagnostic Laboratory has confirmed the microtubes produced by RPE high strength and tightness, overcoming fall tests, freezing at -62°C and subsequent heating at 95°C, as well as centrifugation at maximum speed.

Plastic products for medical use of biological materials samples are in great demand and Alphamac looks forward to cooperating in responding effectively to the growing market demand.