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Alphamac designs and produces highly advanced machines from both a technical and functional point of view, and does so starting from the design of the bottle. The packaging is the result of the machine and it is starting from the characteristics of the bottle and the production needs that the characteristics of each machine are perfected.

The decennial experience of Alphamac team and the challenges won in the reduction of container weight through re-designing and process-tuning technologies are a strength given by the company know-how.

A container with a recognizable, ergonomic and functional shape constitutes an element of product differentiation on the market: Alphamac is able to cooperate with the customer to create unique packaging capable of enhancing its content.

The use of plastic materials from post-consumer and plastic bio-materials is increasingly an environmental necessity required by consumers and in the imminent future imposed by legislators. Alphamac is at the forefront, developing the technologies capable of processing sustainable plastic materials, so as to respond to the new environmental demands of consumption.