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Alphamac has created Alphamac Russia, a division of the company dedicated to the Russian market and to the entire CIS area, created from the survey of the activities of RALOT company and its work team.

The Russian division primarily manages the sales of the extrusion blow-moulding machines produced in Italy, but also assures technical support on Alphamac machines on the territory and general EBM “after-market”.

Alphamac Russia also deals with the supply of peripherical machinery and equipment related to packaging such as filling lines, labelling machines, product traceability systems, automated warehouses and other different equipment.

An emerging market segment served by Alphamac Russia is represented by the medical field, for which the Russian division provided this year a service for the design of plastic containers and the supply of the related injection moulds for their realization.

Alphamac staff resident in Russia includes maintenance and process technicians, industrial project and commercial personnel management experts: a team that intends to be a true “solution provider” for Russian customers.

The close cooperation with the Italian offices and the high-quality standard ensured by Alphamac Russia allowed the division to immediately establish itself on the market, with a double-digit growth forecast for 2020.