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Alpha ZERO is the single shuttle EBM machine designed by AlphaMAC, with the singularity of an in-line layout which offers a variety of significant advantages for its users that in fact brought the model, just after one year since its introduction on the market, to represent 50% of the models manufactured by the company.

Born in August 2020, with a 600 mm stroke, it includes today 3 different versions:

Stroke: 600 mm | Clamping force: 18 tons.
Stroke: 700 mm | Clamping force: 24 tons.
Stroke: 800 mm | Clamping force: 25 tons.

“The idea of this machine was to have a single station monobloc equipment, easy to transport and to start-up with a Plug & Play concept, ideal for small-medium size converters and end users with flexible production of limited quantities, guaranteeing fast format changeover operations and compact space. Just after a few months we had a lot of request to replicate this concept on larger stroke and we expanded to 700 mm and 800 mm versions. This larger stroke model is the mid-way between a small single shuttle EBM machine and a double station one, with an excellent investment / production money value. It allows to produce up to approx. 4.000 bph of 200 ml bottles and 500 bph of 5L containers depending on the weight of the articles.”



The most appreciated characteristic of this series is without any doubt its accessibility and safety for moulds changeovers. The lateral doors allow in fact the operator to access any part of the machine very easily and to work in a safe environment with a lot of room also for maintenance. The side-movable product exit station creates a wide space at the front of the machine to extract the moulds thanks to the in-built crane and to achieve some very quick format change. The inclined shuttle included a total-safety system which completely lock it in the current position when an operator opens the doors and get inside the machine.


Alpha ZERO 600S has just 2,0 m x 5,7 m overall dimensions, allowing to optimize the spaces into the production plants and to increase the number of machines on the floor.


Considering the absence of pick and place system for the bottles and extrusion platform bobbing, the only remaining motions are for the shuttle transfer, the mould clamping and the blow pins transfer, reducing the maintenance on the machine. Being full electric, and with centralized lubrication managed directly by the HMI, it almost becomes a maintenance free model.