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AlphaMAC presents its new long-stroke extrusion-blow moulding machine

2023 saw the introduction of a new model in the IMA AlphaMAC range of all-electric machine, named ALPHA 1400D, due to its 1.4 m long stroke.

It is one of the largest models made and available on the market in the panorama of continuous extrusion machines with double station. Particularly requested for applications in the detergent and home care segments, the first two units produced feature ReCo3 configurations, for the use of post-consumer material in the central layer. Production can reach up to 9.600 1L bottles per hour, 1.700 5L and 1.100 10L jerry cans, all in a machine that occupies a floor space of just 9.0 x 10 m.

The two carriages with toggle closure, optimization of two generations of electric models, reach a force of 50 tons, uniformly distributed on the high-resistance aluminium mould platens and transmitted by the exuberant steel levers, machined from solid, and guarantee durability over time and low energy consumption. A theme that has always been at the centre of attention in AlphaMAC, all the electric machines of the ALPHA series have a consumption lower than the minimum required by class 10 of the Euromap 46.1 regulation, thus contributing to offering sustainable solutions, as well as guaranteeing savings for the user.

With very large moulds, the deflashing control, via pneumatic cylinders, was designed on a station separate from the product grippers and fixed directly on the main frame of the machine. Assembly and format change are also facilitated by an in-built motorized system which ensures maximum safety for operators, considering the significant weights involved.

Finally, again to ensure a maximum accessibility, a 360° platform in the upper part of the machine allows the control and maintenance of all functional groups.

With this model, AlphaMAC confirms itself as a manufacturer particularly inclined to design and produce tailor-made solutions for its Customers, as always using the highest quality components and innovative systems, for ease of use and excellent reliability over time.