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AlphaMAC recently introduced on the market its new single and double shuttle fully electric machines for industrial applications and technical articles.

With these two new models, a wide range of applications is covered, from generic monolayer products in high density polyethylene, to multilayer structure with an extensive use of recycled and regrind material, or certified containers for dangerous goods in high-molecular weight powder resins.


The clamping unit is designed on the same basis of its bigger version (30L machine) and assures a nominal electric clamping force of 28 tons, with 700 mm stroke platens. The robust mechanically welded steel platens open 900 mm, allowing to produce large articles, and machine can be configured in single parison as an example for 20L to 30L jerry cans or with a double parison head for smaller products like 10L jerry cans.

Our strong and fruitful collaboration with the highly specialized companies in this segment, W-Müller and Feuerherm, gives an undiscussed warranty of a reliable, high quality repeatable production with optimization of the wall thickness distribution, quick colour changing times, also in its co-extrusion version, and a quick tooling change-over (for example from 10L jerry can to 25L) thanks to the new K-ePWDS systems offered by Feuerherm. 

In its single station version, the typical AlphaMAC “in-line” layout design offers a compact floor occupation and an easy access for maintenance and for tooling changeover.

After the success of our INDUSTRIAL 30S, with its integrated quality control module to deliver products 100% tested, we decided to apply similar solutions also on the INDUSTRIAL 20 models, going more than ever in the direction of a “Zero-Defect Production”.

The configuration of the machines can include the standard deflashing system, with the masks attached on the moulds and post-cooling stations, or customized layout and solutions, for example with a cooling tunnel and a deflashing station external to the machine, to remove the flashes in the horizontal position and collect them by gravity.

Total Quality Control (TQC) system is placed in-line with the machine, as a stand-alone control island, offering different layout options, based on Customer’s space limitation.

The machine in its full-optional version includes:

The station offers a diversified reject direction based on the defect, as an example to avoid that some products with black dots end up into the grinder and therefore into the extruder again.

Both vision system and scanner can be customized based on different needs, during the definition stage of the project, to fully comply with the requirements and to offer a tailored-made solution.

The system, which collects the product quality data, is integrated to the machine HMI, through dedicated pages, allowing a constant control of the production process.